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New Here?

Welcome, First-Time Visitor.

We are honored that you are interested in worshiping with us.



Experience the difference at Spirit & Life Ministries.  Whether online or in-person, our services are powerful and life changing. 


Opened with prayer, all services start by setting the stage for God to do his work.  The whole congregation is unified with one have our hearts set on God and be ready to give thanks and praise.


Prayer is immediately followed with praise and worship, unlike any you have experienced before.

Led by dynamic worship leaders and supported by the best musicians on the west coast, the Praise and Worship team fills God's house with an atmosphere of joy and thanksgiving.  And this is not your ordinary choir...The Praise and Worship team has the contemporary gospel skills to bring "old school" traditional hymns from the past, current "new school" hits from the present, and can create new songs on the spot for the future.


And if that isn't enough, the best part comes when Pastor Hamilton preaches the word of God.  You’ll be eternally blessed by the spirit that leads Pastor to preach the gospel. Not only does he read the scriptures, but he takes his time to explain the meaning and significance of the word at the time it is written, as well as providing insight into how the word can be applied to our lives today.


You will be uplifted and ready to do God’s work in your life and the lives of others.

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Helpful Information


Whether you're comfortable in the latest designer wear, casual wear or suit and tie, we welcome you! The Lord reads our hearts, not our outfit, so we embrace you as you are and allow God to manage everything else.


We are located in the northeast San Fernando Valley, near the 5, 118 and 210 freeways.


We have ample parking inside the church parking lot. However, if are no spaces in the gated parking area, there is street parking available on Vaughn Street and in the surrounding community.

Car Park


If you would like more information before visiting us, please visit our Social Media pages,

call us at 818-896-5022, or complete the inquiry form on the Contact page.

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