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Our History

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Founded in Pacoima, CA by Elder John H. Clelland in 1959 as a prayer meeting in the home of Mother Ann Higggins, Spirit and Life Ministries, Inc. has a rich heritage.


The meeting expanded to weekly Sunday School classes and later included morning and evening and services, at which time "El Bethel Apostolic Faith Church" was established with originating members Mother Ann Higgins, Sister Arlene Crenshaw, Deacon Crenshaw, Mother Ruby Hamilton, and Deacon Hamilton leading souls to Christ.


In 1974, the church became incorporated in the State of California.

Under the direction of Elder Clelland, many leaders and pastors were taught traditional Pentecostal values. In 1991, Stephen Hamilton was ordained as an Elder and, soon thereafter, was selected to become the new pastor of El Bethel.


The church began to grow under Pastor Hamilton's leadership and it became necessary to relocate to a larger location. In June 1999, El Bethel Apostolic Church moved to its current location at 12962 Vaughn Street in San Fernando. The following year the church was renamed, "Spirit and Life Ministries, Inc." and that same year received Steve Harvey's Hoodie Award as the "Best Church in Los Angeles".


In January 2006, Spirit and Life Institute was established as the educational entity of the ministry with a curriculum designed for spiritual and personal development for Christians of all ages. Coursework includes a Maturity Track to learn basic scriptures, to give insight into how to address the challenges of life, and how to apply the Word to daily living. The Ministry Track is also available for those who desire to teach and preach within the church or community. Additionally, Steve Hamilton Ministries was established for the purpose of outreach and leadership growth.


A sister church to City of Refuge in Los Angeles (Bishop Noel Jones) and Mountain Top Faith Ministry in Las Vegas (Bishop Clinton House), Spirit and Life Ministries is associated with some of the most powerful churches on the west coast and serves as a spiritual powerhouse for the San Fernando Valley and Palmdale.


Spirit and Life Ministries, Inc. has grown to touch thousands of lives each year by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and will continue to grow in leaps and bounds as it continues to share the Word of God to ensure that all who enter enjoy a more enriched...Spirit and Life!

For more information about this ministry, please contact us using the information below or by visiting the Contact page to submit an inquiry.

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